Campaign Finance

The reporting requirements of the Fair Campaign Practices Act (FCPA) apply to all candidates. All forms required by the act must be filed with the town clerk. It is the responsibility of each candidate to become familiar with and meet the reporting and filing provisions of the Fair Campaign Practices Act.


Standalone candidates are candidates without a candidate committee. You do not need to register a candidate committee if you will not solicit or accept contributions during your candidacy or if you will only spend your own money. You must register a committee if you accept money or other types of contributions from any other person/entity. Standalone candidates must report all expenditures to the municipal clerk. 


A candidate committee accepts contributions and makes expenditures under the authority of a candidate. A candidate committee includes the candidate. The law does not require the committee to have additional members. A candidate can only have one active candidate committee. When considering running for office, you, your registered agent, fundraisers, and campaign manager should become familiar with the requirements of Article XXVIII of the Colorado Constitution, Title 1, Article 45, C.R.S., and the Rules Concerning Campaign and Political Finance.

Campaign Finance Disclosure Reports