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Tree Care and Selection

Some will not have enough space in their yard to plant a new tree. Did you know there are also some great benefits to planting shrubs or bushes?

Here are some helpful tips related to care of a new tree or shrub:

  • Water young tree and shrubs deeply once a week throughout the first summer season they are planted. Water them twice a month for the next two summers.
  • Young trees and shrubs are especially vulnerable to drought in the fall and winter months, particularly evergreens. If there has been little to no precipitation for the past 4 weeks, and the temperature is over 40 degrees Fahrenheit, young trees and shrubs will benefit from a deep watering. Place your hose on the root zone and turn on water at a trickle to allow water to soak in deeply. (Just don't forget to remove the hose from the bib when you are done.)
  • Temporary fencing may be necessary to protect your young tree from foraging deer and from bucks damaging the bark by rubbing antlers.
  • Trees and shrubs benefit from a layer of mulch over the root zone.
  • Wrap the trunk of a young tree in the fall to prevent winter cold damage.
Here are a handful of helpful links to explore if you want to learn more about tree selection and care: