Parks & Open Space Department 


The Parks and Open Space Department provides comprehensive planning services for parks, trails, open space and recreation facilities that directly benefit the citizens of Monument by enhancing quality of life, promoting a healthy community, supporting the local economy and protecting and enhancing the environment. 

The Parks and Open Space Department provides recreational and educational opportunities by designing, renovating, constructing, and maintaining new parks, park facilities and trails for the citizens and visitors of Monument.


The Parks and Open Space Department has many responsibilities including:

  • Conduct comprehensive park and recreation facility planning.
  • Maintain, renovate and construct:
    • Buildings
    • Curbing
    • Fences
    • Parking facilities
    • Structures
    • Walkways
  • Manage, maintain and protect the natural resources within the parks and open space properties.
  • Provide landscape maintenance services.
  • Repair:
    • All manner of vandalized facilities
    • Landscape equipment
    • Lighting and plumbing systems
    • Monitor and renovate irrigation

Park Reservation Forms

To make a reservation, please visit the Facilities page or complete a Park Reservation Application.

Release of Liability and Indemnification Agreement
Park Reservation Policy

Parks Plan 

Adopted in 2003, the Parks Plan identifies existing conditions and future community expansion as well as documents the direction viewed necessary to achieve the Parks, Trails, and Open Space goals of the community. 

View the Parks Plan (PDF) to learn more, or visit the Conceptual Parks Plan page

What's New

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Parks Projects

Project General Location Discription
Waterwise Demonstration Garden Adams and 2nd Street  This garden was built with the intent to educate and demonstrate water saving landscaping principles. It connects to the Santa Fe trial on the northeastern side and features labeled plants and educational signage. Please see the Waterwise Demonstration Garden page for more information.
Updated Park Amenities Limbach Park, Lavelett Park, Santa Fe Trailhead In 2022, the Parks Department replaced trash cans with bear-proof receptacles, replaced several picnic tables and benches, and rebuilt the main flowerbeds in Lavelett and Limbach Parks. The Parks Department would like to thank the Tri-Lakes Women's Club for the generous grant to replace the tree ring bench at Limbach Park.
Monument Lake Fishing Pier Monument Lake Thanks to a generous grant from Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Monument Lake will enjoy an expansion of fishing access via an additional fishing pier. This pier is planned for installation in spring/summer of 2023 and will be approximately 370 feet long.