Election Results

2022 Election Results

2022 pie chart - website


  • Mayor Mitchell LaKind (First Term)
  • Councilmember Steve King (First Term)
  • Councilmember Sana Abbott (First Term)
  • Councilmember Redmond Ramos (First Term)
  • Councilmember Kenneth Kimple (Serving Until Next Regular Election)

2021 Special Election Results







Elected to the Town of Monument Home Rule Charter Commission:

  • Matt Brunk
  • Steve King
  • Jennifer Coopman
  • Brandy Turner
  • Joel Lusby
  • Shannon Clark
  • Ashley Watt
  • Sana Abbott
  • Janet Ladowski

2020 Special Election Results

Pie graph of votes for item 2F

2020 Election Results

  • Trustee Mitch LaKind (First Term)
  • Trustee Jim Romanello (First Term)
  • Trustee Jamy Unruh (First Term)

2018 Special Election Results


  • Trustee Jim Romanello (Serving Until the Next Regular Election)

2018 Election Results
  • Mayor Don Wilson (First Term)
  • Trustee Laurie Clark (First Term)
  • Trustee Kelly Elliott (Second Term)
  • Trustee Ron Stephens (First Term)
2016 Election Results

  • Trustee Greg Coopman (First Term)
  • Trustee Don Wilson (First Term)
  • Trustee Jeffrey Bornstein (Second Term)
  • Trustee Shea Medlicott (First Term)

2015 Election Results

View the 2015 Coordinated Election Summary (PDF) for election results from this year.

2014 Election Results

  • Mayor Rafael Dominguez (First Term as Mayor)
  • Trustee Jeffrey Kaiser (Second Term)
  • Trustee Kelly Elliott (First Term)
  • Trustee Stanley Gingrich (Second Term)

2012 Election Results

  • Trustee Becki Tooley (First Term)
  • Trustee Jeffrey Bornstein (First Term)
  • Trustee John Howe (First Term)