Town of Monument Development Projects

Applications for land development proposals are submitted to the Planning Department for review with Town Code, Chapter 18, Land Development Code, Zoning, the Comprehensive Plan and other technical specifications. Plans typically go through multiple review cycles before moving forward to the Planning Commission and the Board of Trustees for final action.

The below is a list of projects currently under review. The documents for each project are linked to Documents on Demand in the Monument Development Projects folder.  To comment on a project, please contact the case planner or email the town planning staff at For information on the development review process please visit the Development Process page

ABC Landscaping Site Plan

Case Planner Debbie Flynn, Planner II-Submitted 6.23.22 and currently in review

Michael Couture with ABC Landscaping, Inc. requests approval of ABC Landscaping Warehouse/Outdoor Storage Site Plan. The proposal is to construct a warehouse (approx. 5,000 sf) along with an outdoor yard for materials, parking, and outdoor storage. The site is 1.4 acres and is located at 801 Synthes Avenue.

DA.85-2022 ABC Landscaping Site Plan
Jackson Creek Parkway Street Improvement Plans

Classic Consulting Engineers and Surveyors requests approval of Jackson Creek Parkway Street Improvement Plans. The Town of Monument has contracted FHU for the ultimate design of the Jackson Creek Parkway roadway improvements from Higby to Highway 105. These design plans are currently underway with construction anticipated for Mid-late 2023. 

The northern portion of this roadway is directly adjacent to the Monument Junction Development, which is generally located north of the YMCA up to the intersection with Highway 105.  

Given that portions of the Monument Junction Development are occurring prior to the completion of FHU plans, the developer will be providing “Interim” roadway design plans to support this initial development. (Phase 1) These “Interim” design plans will be approved by the Town of Monument and provide turn lanes along Jackson Creek Parkway into the development at multiple locations. 

The ultimate intersection improvements with Highway 105 are also being designed at this time but with multiple jurisdictions involved and required approval by the Town of Monument, El Paso County and CDOT, these improvements will be constructed after the “interim” improvements. (Phase 2) These design plans will include NB dual left turn lanes onto Hwy. 105, WB dual left turn lanes onto Jackson Creek Pkwy. and EB right turn lane onto Jackson Creek Pkwy. 

The overall roadway widening of Jackson Creek Pkwy. from Higby to Hwy. 105 will complete this entire stretch of roadway. These plans will be approved by the Town and include the full 4-lane roadway section with raised median, along with associated left and right turn lanes and signalization designs at all required intersections and sidewalk both sides. (Phase 3) 

Generalized Construction Phasing:

Phase1 “Interim” turn lane improvements on Jackson Creek Pkwy. to support adjacent development, prepared by developer and approved by Town. (Fall 2022) 

Phase 2 Ultimate intersection improvements at Highway 105, prepared by developer and approved by Town, El Paso County and CDOT. (Late 2022)

Phase 3 Completion of remaining ultimate roadway widening improvements along Jackson Creek Pkwy., prepared by FHU and approved by Town. (Fall 2023)

Jackson Creek Pkwy ST Plans-Monument Junction
Homeplace Ranch  Phase 1-Minor Amendment #2

Case Planner Debbie Flynn Planner II-Submitted 6.13.22 and currently under review

Home Place LLC requests approval of Home Place Ranch Preliminary/Final PUD Amendment #2. The amendment proposes a change to the note on the cover sheet that refers to the triggers on when the construction of Gleneagle Drive will be required. Below is a draft of the proposed note change. Once we are all in agreement on the exact language we will add this to cover sheet and distribute it for final approval.
For additional clarification, please note that the 153 allowed permits will include: Filing 1 (75 Lots), Filing 2 (67 Lots), Filing 3 (1 Lot – Amenity Center), and the addition Filing 6 (10 Lots).

DA.78-2022 Homeplace Ranch Phase 1 Minor Amendment #2
Homeplace Ranch Filing No. 6 Final Plat

Case Planner Debbie flynn, Planner II-Submitted 6.13.22

Challenger Homes has requested approval of a Final Plat for Home Place Ranch Filing No. 6.  The Final Plat is proposed for 10 single family lots and 2 tracts on 5.34 acres, which is consistent with the approved Final PD Site Plan for Home Place Ranch Phase 1. The overall site is located at the southeast corner of Sanctuary Rim Drive and Gleneagle Drive.  It is bounded to the north by Sanctuary Rim Drive and, to the south by Promontory Pointe Replat A, to the west by Gleneagle Drive and to the east by Sanctuary Pointe Filing No. 9.

DA.77-2022 Homeplace Ranch Filing No. 6 Final Plat
BurgerWorks Monument Junction Preliminary/Final PUD Plan 

Case Planner Debbie Flynn, Planner II-Submitted 6.3.22 and currently under review

NES Inc on behalf of BurgerWorks Monument LLC requests approval of a Preliminary/Final PUD Plan on 1.79 acres. BurgerWorks proposes to construct a 3,800 SF fast-food restaurant on Lot 4 of Monument Junction West Filing No. 1, with a 640 SF storage area, drive through, and outdoor dining area. The site is located on the west side of Jackson Creek Parkway, south of Highway 105.

DA.75-2022 Burger Works Monument Junction Preliminary/Final PUD Plan
XL3 Rigging Rezoning, Site Plan and Final Plat

Case Planner Debbie Flynn, Planner II-Submitted 6.3.22 and currently under review

SBR, LLC has requests approval of rezone, site plan, and final plat for XL3 Rigging. XL3 Rigging provides services to customers who need larger/heavy equipment/machinery moved from one location to another. The majority of the XL3 Rigging Business does not occur at the proposed location. It occurs on other properties where they pickup up equipment/machinery and then transport it to another location. Infrequently, if the receiving location is not ready for the equipment/machinery, the equipment/machinery may be temporarily stored within the proposed building at this proposed development. The project consists of an existing 5-acre vacant site and is anticipated to consist of the development of a small parking lot for a local business’ employees and business vehicles, landscaping and one 8,000 SF warehouse storage building. The site is located 0.67 miles north of the intersection of Highway 105 and Beacon Lite Road and is located on the east side of Beacon Lite Road.

DA.80-2022 and DA.81-2022 XL3 Rigging Rezoning, Site Plan and Final Plat
KFC Final PUD 

Case Planner Debbie Flynn, Planner II-Submitted 5.9.22 and currently under review

KB Enterprises, LLC requests approval of a Final PUD for KFC drive-thru restaurant on 0.797 acres. The project is situated on the south west corner of Harness Road and Jackson Creek Parkway. The parcel is Lot 3 of Monument Marketplace North.

DA.72-2022 KFC Final PUD 

Santa Fe Park Preliminary PUD Plan Amendment #1

Case Planner Debbie Flynn, Planner II-Submitted 4.13.22 and currently under review

Phoenix Bell Associates, LLP requests approval of a major amendment to the Santa Fe Park Preliminary PUD Plan to add standalone multifamily as an allowable use, to add industrial standards, and to provide other minor changes to update references to the Town’s current Land Development Code. Santa Fe Park is an approximately 64.7-acre property situated west of Interstate 25, east of Old Denver Road and North of Baptist Road.

DA.70-2022 Santa Fe Park Preliminary PUD Plan Amendment #1
Monument Junction West Lot 5 Preliminary/Final PUD Plan

Case Planner Debbie Flynn, Planner II-Submitted 4.8.22 and currently under review

NES Inc on behalf of Alliance Residential Realty requests approval for a Preliminary/Final PUD Plan for 264 multi-family residential units on 10.687 acres. Alliance Residential intends to provide a multi-family residential density of 24.7 du/ac that includes 264 units, a clubhouse, pool, and tenant storage. There are 11 residential buildings proposed. Each building is 3 stories, and has 24 units. In total, there are (132) 1-bedroom units, and (132) two-bedroom units with a maximum building height of 50 feet. The project is situated on the west side of Jackson Creek Parkway and south of Highway 105.

DA.69-2022 Monument Junction West Lot 5 Preliminary/Final PUD Plan
Trailers Direct Express Rezone and Site plan 

Case Planner Debbie Flynn, Planner II-Submitted 3.30.22 and currently under review

Western Engineering Consultants Inc LLC (WEC) request approval of a Rezone and Site Plan for Trailers Direct Express at 18955 Beacon Lite Road. The applicant wishes to rezone from PUD to Light Industrial (LI) in order to bring a National Trailer Sales business to Monument, which is solely new enclosed cargo, utilities, dump, equipment and gooseneck trailers.

DA.63-2022 Trailers Direct Express Rezone and Site Plan 
 Investing in Front Street Site Plan and Final Plat

Case Planner-Debbie Flynn, Planner II-Submitted 3.3.22 and currently under review

Bucher Design Studio has submitted a Site Plan and Final Plat for a mixed-use property that proposes both attached townhome style residential units and mixed-use structures containing residential units over commercial retail spaces at 231 N Front Street. The commercial uses are still to be determined, but are envisioned to fall within the permitted uses within the Downtown Business zone district for the Town of Monument. The project entails six structures in total. The structures closest to Front Street shall be mixed-use with the rear structures along the western boundary being tri-plex/ duplex residential units with integral garages.

DA.57-2022 and DA.58-2022, Investing in Front Street Site Plan and Final Plat 
 705 W. Baptist Rd-Monument Ridge-Retail Paint Store

Case Planner-Debbie Flynn, Planner II-Submitted 3.2.22 and currently under review

WDG Baptist LLC has submitted a Final PUD for a 4,500 square foot Retail Paint Store on Lot 5B within Monument Ridge. The subject property is surrounded by Baptist Road ROW to the north, Autozone to the west, an access drive and Monument Ridge Apartments to the south, and the Family of Christ Lutheran Church to the east.

DA.56-2022 Monument Ridge-Retail Paint Store 
Falcon Commerce Center Filing No. 2 

Case Planner-Debbie Flynn, Planner II-Plans Submitted 2.14.22 and currently under review.

Kiowa Engineering Corporation submitted a a Final Plat for public improvements related to the extension of Terrazzo Drive south from Squadron Drive within Falcon Commerce Center. The site is located along the west side of I-25 to the south of Baptist Road and east of Woodcarver Road. The Final Plat will dedicate the Terrazzo Drive right of way for this extension. The total platted area is approximately 5.296 acres.

DA.64-2022 Falcon Commerce Center Filing No. 2

DRAFT Ordinance_Industrial standards definitions and uses -GOING TO BOT ON 7/5/22

Case Planner-Meggan Herington, AICP Planning Director

Town staff is working to make changes to the Land Development Code as it relates to industrial use definitions, use and design standards and types of industrial uses permitted in the industrial zone districts. The posted document is the first DRAFT ordinance under public review. Please send comments on the draft to Future iterations of the draft will also be posted.

DRAFT Ordinance_Industrial standards definitions and uses   note that there are 2 subfolders for draft 1 and draft2
Quick Quack Car Wash Final PUD

Case Planner-Debbie Flynn, Planner II-Plans submitted 11.9.21 and currently in review.

The applicant is requesting approval for Quick Quack Car Wash Final PUD Plan. Quick Quack Car Wash is an automatic car wash facility with 18 stacking spots for the carwash and 17 vacuum stalls. The hours of operation of this facility will be Monday through Sunday 7 am to 7 pm during normal business hours and 7 am to 9 pm during the Summer. The construction timeframe would be Winter to Spring 2022. The 1.36-acre site is located along the east side of Struthers Road within the Monument Ridge Subdivision.

DA.31-2021 Quick Quack Car Wash Final PUD

Riviera Electric, LLC - Final PUD Plan

Case Planner – Debbie Flynn, Planner II – Plans submitted 8.30.21 and currently in review.  

Riviera Electric, LLC PUD development is at 2190 Wolf Court. It is an existing platted lot containing 1.17 acres within Wolf Business Park.  This lot is vacant commercial land zoned Planned Unit Development (PUD). The application and request is for the approval of a PUD for the site. The owner intends to construct a 7,000 square foot building with offices and warehousing. It will also have outdoor storage, 16 parking spaces, paved drives, landscaping and storm water facilities to route storm water off the site. The warehouse and outside storage access will be from Wolf Court. 

DA.31-2021 Rivera Electric, Final PUD Plan

Developments approved by the Board of Trustees:

Additional information can be found on "Documents on Demand"

Date submitted Project Developer/Owner General Location Status
4/7/22 Conexus Filing No. 2 Final Plat Mike Degrant 

145.88 acre site is located along the west side of I-25 and east of Old Denver Road; approximately 7,500 feet north of Baptist Road.  Approved on 6/20/22
4/6/2022 Monument Junction East Filing No. 1 Doug Reinelt
719-785-2801 or
single-family residential with a total of 58 lots and 4 tracts on the East side of Jackson Creek and south of HWY 105 Approved on 6/20/22
11/22/21 Eagle Rock Distributing Center Prelim/Final PUD and Final Plat  Seth Brown - Ware Malcomb 720-709-5146 and  23.99 acres; within Falcon Commerce Center 262,500 sqft liquor disbtrution  Approved on 6/20/22
3/7/22 Village at Jackson Creek Final Plat CSI Development LLC
located west of Jackson Creek Parkway off of future westbound Harness and Cloverleaf Roads and bounded to the west by Interstate-25.  Approved on 6/20/22
3/31/22 Falcon Commerce Center Phase 2  Andrea Barlow at NES, Inc.-(719)-471-0073. within Falcon Commerce Center Approved on 6/20/22
3/7/22 Conexus Phase 1 Preliminary PUD Plan Major Amendment #2 Conexus LLC
2 N Cascade Ave, Ste 1280 Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Mike DeGrant
located along the west side of I-25 and east of Old Denver Road; approximately 7,500 feet north of Baptist Road.  Approved on 5/2/22
12/15/21 Thompson Thrift Residential Final PUD Plan located west of the intersection of Jackson Creek Pkwy and Harness Road. The proposed development is a 13.14 acre lot with 264 units of a multi-family residential use.  Located west of the intersection of Jackson Creek Pkwy and Harness Road.  Approved on 6/20/22
2/18/22 Willow Springs Ranch Filing No. 2 final Plat Tim McConnell with Drexel, Barrell & CO 719-260-0887,  located west of Willow Springs Ranch Filing No. 1 with direct access off Forest Lakes Drive.  Approved on 5/2/22-under construction 
10/12/21 Native Sun Construction Preliminary/Final PUD Plan
and Native Sun Construction Final Plat
Ephraim Jessop - Native Sun Construction 719-593-5874 or 713-380-1033,  Native Sun Construction site is located south of the Baptist Road/Forest Lakes Drive/Woodcarver Road roundabout, west of the proposed Falcon Commerce Center and north of the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad right‐of‐way. Approved on 5/2/22
6/4/18 CoNexus Business Park filings 1,2 3 & 4 NES - Andrea Barlow  719-471-0073 The property lies between Old Denver Road and Interstate 25 and between Hwy 105 and 2nd street Approved on 2/22/22
1/26/21 Monument Dental Clinic Preliminary/Final PD Site Plan WMG Development - Brian Schrock
745 West Baptist Road (Lot 3 of Monument Ridge) Approved on 5/3/21-Under construction
10/22/20  Village at Jackson Creek Preliminary PD Site Plan & Rezone Creekside Developers, Inc - Brett Behnke 719-522-0500,  46.973 acres located west of Jackson Creek parkway off of future westbound Harness & Cloverleaf Roads and bounded to the west by Interstate-25.  Approved on 4/5/21
10/21/20 Gleneagle Dental Preliminary/Final PD Site Plan Art C Klein Construction - Bruce Barr 719-570-6060; 0.71 acres at 925 West Baptist Road, Lot 13 Monument Ridge Final Plat Approved on 2/1/21-Under Construction
8/10/20   Jackson Creek North Filing 3-6, 390 Residences-Final Site Plan & Plats Mike Taylor Creekside Developers Inc., 719-357-9062 165 acres located near Clover Leaf Rd. off of Higby Rd. to west of Harness Rd Approved on 6/7/21-under construction
7/9/18 Home Place Ranch Filings 1 & 2 Challenger Homes - Lee Eisenheim 
approximate 130-acre site, located north of the Promontory Pointe and Homestead at Jackson Creek Subdivisions Approved 10/4/21-under construction


***This list is provided for general reference information only and should not be considered complete or all inclusive. Planning Staff is available to answer questions or discuss projects in greater depth. You may reach the Planning Department by calling 719-481-2954 or by sending an email to

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