Business Licenses

On April 21,2022, Governor Polis signed Senate Bill SB-22-032 into law. This law impacts the licensing of retailers that are subject to sales and use taxes in local jurisdictions but that do not have a physical presence or only have a limited physical presence in those jurisdictions. The law imposed the following limitations on all local taxing jurisdictions and asserts that it includes home rule municipalities. 

  • Starting July 1, 2022: Municipalities can no longer charge a fee for a general business license to a retailer that (1) has a state standard retail license, (2) makes retail sales within the local taxing jurisdiction, and (3) either does not have a physical presence in the local taxing jurisdiction or has only an incidental physical presence.
  • Starting July 1, 2023: Municipalities can no longer require a retailer, as described above, to separately apply for a general business license. If the municipality requires a general business license, it must automatically issue it at no charge to the retailer using the information provided by the Department of Revenue

Businesses operating within the Town of Monument are required to first obtain a business license- including contractors. As a starting point, please refer to our New Business Welcome Packet. Please note, the Business Premise Form (PDF) is required for all businesses located within the Town of Monument boundaries. Contractors do not need to complete the Premise Form but do need to obtain the Business License Application.
The Town of Monument now accepts online payments. There will be a small fee the state collects for credit card payments.

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Steps for Applying for a New & Renewal Business License

  • The Business License Application must be submitted BEFORE payment is made. Payments made without the submission of an application will NOT be refunded per Monument Municipal Code 5.20.020.
  • Business License Applications can be submitted via email to, or delivered to Monument Town Hall, Attn: Tina Erickson, 645 Beacon Lite Road, Monument, CO 80132.
  • AFTER the Business License Application has been submitted, payment can be made here: Online Payments 
  • Upon receipt of a complete Business License Application and associated payment, the Town of Monument will process the application and, if approved, mail the Business License to the mailing address listed on the application.

Please contact Tina Erickson with any questions you may have regarding the business license application process.