Water Rates & Fees

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Water Rate Increases for the Town of Monument

The Town of Monument Board of Trustees adopted changes to the water rate structure on June 17. The changes are intend to cover the increased cost of operations and continued maintenance of our water system. 

The goal of the Town of Monument Water Department is to ensure that we have a safe drinking water supply for the future of our residents. The changes in rates increased the total cost of water supplied by the Town of Monument by an average of 10%. One of the changes our customers will notice is the new rate structure is built using a volume or usage charge in pennies per gallon instead of dollars per thousand gallons. The table included with this release depicts how the increase may affect you individually. The increase amounts to approximately $300,000 annually and will be used for continued maintenance to our system. Assuming a typical or average residential monthly usage is approximately 3,000 gallons, this increase will amount to $4.25 per month.

The water rate increases were publicly presented and discussed by Town staff at the last two meetings of the Board of Trustees. Town staff is recommended the Board of Trustees adopt a tiered rate structure to assist minimum or low-use customers, more accurately charge high-use customers for the added capacity required of the system, adopt an overall rate structure generating sufficient revenue to fund capital projects needed to restore and maintain water infrastructure, and encourage conservation of discretionary water usage.

For questions or additional information about these proposed changes, please contact Tom Tharnish 719-481-2954.

proposed water rates table

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