Water Department

* Locations within blue area are the Town of Monument Water District. Locations in gray are within the city limits of Monument and are considered outside the Town of Monument Water District.


Our hydrant-flushing program cleans out the distribution system of iron sediment in our lines.  While flushing, the iron sediment that has settled in the lines will be dislodged and could find its way into your plumbing.  On the day your area is flushed, we do not recommend doing laundry and to run your water for a few minutes after our flush to clear your lines of sediment.  

The flushing schedule will be as follows, however, may be delayed due to system conditions and/or weather events.

May 18:

  • Beacon Lite Rd. from the Tank south to Highway 105, including Monument
  •  Meadows Trailer Park, 8th Street, Century Place, and Century Lane.

May 19:     

  • Commercial Zone, all properties East of Beacon Lite Rd.

May 20:

  • Buttonwood Ct., Buttonwood Place, Trailhead, 5th Street, 4th Street, 3rd Street, Jefferson, Washington, and Raspberry Lane area.

May 21: 

  • Jefferson cont’d, Washington cont’d, 2nd Street, Adams Street, 1st Street, Lincoln Avenue, Franklin Avenue, Crestview Court, and Santa Fe Avenue.

May 22:     

  • Santa Fe Avenue cont’d, McShane Place and Lake of the Rockies, West Oak Ridge                  

May 25:     

  • West Oak Ridge cont’d , Trumbull Lane, Mitchell Avenue and Synthes Blvd.

May 26: 

  • Peak View Ridge and Santa Fe Trails subdivisions.

May 27:

  • Santa Fe Trails subdivision cont’d, Trails End subdivision.

If you have any questions, please contact Monument Water Dept. at 487-9291 or 499-9383


WATER OPERATIONS DIVISION accounts for the activities related to water well development and extraction, water treatment, water transportation systems and for the repair and maintenance of such facilities. Drinking water services include raw water development and treatment, treated storage, water distribution and water sales. This division is responsible for daily operations, maintenance, long-term asset management, infrastructure upgrades and expansions and all associated activities such as system planning, engineering and administration.


The Water Department staff is made up of Certified Water Professional Operators certified by the Water Quality Control Division within the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. As Certified Water Professionals, continuous training is required to ensure safe and reliable drinking water is provided to our customers. 


The Water Department’s responsibilities include:

  • Maintain constant vigilance and contact with the State of Colorado Water Quality Control Division to ensure compliance with all current Colorado Primary and Secondary Drinking Water Regulations.
  • Management of water treatment chemicals and constant monitoring and testing for water quality.
  • Operating and maintaining the town’s 9 water wells and treatment facilities.
  • Operating and maintaining the town’s water distribution system.
  • Planning, engineering and administration of all infrastructure, operations, future raw water development and long term asset management.
  • The system is comprised of underground piping, fire hydrants, booster pumps, storage tank and distribution system water quality.

Department Overview 

The Town of Monument Water District currently employs 7 state licensed Water Professionals responsible for the daily operations of its water treatment and distribution systems. Eight active wells, which tap into three Denver Basin aquifers, are utilized to provide the district with a safe, reliable water supply. The department diligently operates and maintains a distribution system consisting of 24 miles of water main pipes, 450 valves, and 200 hydrants. On any given day, the Water Department can produce up to 470,000 gallons of potable water that can be stored and distributed from a 1 million gallon storage tank to serve its 4,100 customers.     

Water Facts

  • Is the public water supply safe from COVID-19? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has stated that coronaviruses are susceptible to the same disinfection processes that kill other viruses. To date, the presence of COVID-19 has not been detected in any Public Water System. All current disinfection treatment techniques approved for Public Water Systems remove or kill all pathogens to include viruses.     

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