Land Development Code Project

The Town of Monument is updating its land development regulations. Monument’s development code update will consolidate all land use regulations (zoning, subdivision, sign, and other related code provisions) into one document for ease of reference. The project objective is to implement the goals of the 2017 Monument Comprehensive Plan and encourage quality small town development. Please visit the project website to obtain more information regarding the project.




Planning Commission and Board of Trustees

PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN of a public hearing by the Town of Monument Board of Trustees on the following date, time, and place:

Planning Commission-Wednesday, May 12, 2021, Commencing at 6:00 pm

Board of Trustees-Monday, June 7, 2021, Commencing at 6:30 pm

Monument Town Hall

645 Beacon Lite Road

Monument, CO 80132

This notice is given pursuant to CRS 31-23-214, CRS 31-23-304 and Monument Municipal Code Sections 16-13-10 and 16-13-20 and 17-1-90. The purpose of the hearing is to take public testimony and consider action by the Planning Commission on ordinances:

  • repealing Titles 16 and 17 of the Monument Municipal Code, concerning subdivision and development, and adopting a new Title 18 addressing subdivision, zoning, and other development regulations in a unified Land Use Code for the Town, and
  • amending the Zoning District and Boundary Map of the Town of Monument to add additional zone districts, add the Regency Park Overlay District, adjust certain zone district boundaries, rename certain existing districts, and add new districts, all in a renamed “Official Zoning Map.”

All members of the public are invited to attend and give testimony on the proposed ordinances. Written comments may be submitted to the Town at 645 Beacon Lite Road, Monument CO 80132, or in person at the Town Hall, in Monument, at any time before the hearing.  For further information call Town Clerk at 719-651-1897.

Copies of the proposed ordinances, online proposed new Title 18 Land Development Code, and online proposed Official Zoning Map amendments, and online associated ordinances are available online or at the Town offices, 719-488-1604, Monument Colorado, for public inspection and copying during normal business hours.