Land Use Permits

Town of Monument Permit Forms must be saved on your computer to complete prior to submission. 

For more information on Planning and Building Permits, go to "Planning Page"

Land Use Permit Documents- A land Use permit is required for new, or additions to, commercial or residential structures. When submitting new build permit applications, please provide the following:

    • 8 ½ X 11 copies of the site plan and building elevations
    • Any landscape design plans
    • Any addition design plans
    • Basement Finish letter

  Residential land use permits (links)

    • Residential Builder Stormwater Quality Control
    • Application certification

    • Basement finish
    • Deck
    • Solar
    • Garage
    • Shed


Commercial land use permits (links)

    • Garage
    • Interior remodel


The Town of Monument does require a business license for any work performed within the Town Limits. This can be applied for and paid at the Town offices or online-

You can also verify that your contractor has obtained a business license and a permit by calling the Town at 719.481.2954

Fees &


Please keep in mind that location of the development may require additional fees, such as Triview. Visit the Maps page for the location maps of these districts.
You MUST pick up and pay for your permit only when approved.
You may pay by Cash, Check or Charge for the Town permits. Triview fees must be paid by Cash or Check only. No payment will be due at the time of submitting the permit because use tax (Town of Monument or Triview) will not be calculated until processing.  Payment can be made at the time of permit issuance.

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