Special Event Permits

Special Event Permit

Interesting in hosting a special event in the Town of Monument?
All special events, circuses, carnivals or similar exhibitions, parades, processions or open air meetings conducted within the Town of Monument are required to obtain a permit from the Town prior to commencing such activities. This requirement does not apply to such activities that are conducted solely on private property except that such activities will be conducted in compliance with all applicable ordinances and regulations. The special event permit fee is $100.00 (refundable) and will apply to all events.

Please note that commercial activities and special events (i.e. bike races, running races, sporting events, etc.) are prohibited without a valid Special Event Permit.  If your event will have alcohol, you will also need to apply for a Special Event Liquor License.

Banner Boards

The Town has six banner board locations, strategically placed on major roads for high visibility. Banner boards are only available to non-profit or charitable organizations. A permit is not required. A no-fee registration form is required to be completed by the applicant. Proof of the organization’s non-profit or charitable 501(c)3 status must be provided prior to use of the banner boards.
The non-profit/charitable event must directly benefit the Town of Monument or the Tri-Lakes Region.
Use of the banner boards is on a first-come first-serve basis. For organizations holding annual events, banner boards can be reserved 6 months in advance of the event, by completing an application.
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