Planning & Development Requirements

  1. Development Applications

    A development application is required prior to the development of a site.

  2. Engineering Forms & Permits

    Various permits are required for different types of construction and development.

  3. Engineering Standards & Specifications

    Find documents for engineering standards and specifications regarding construction and development.

  4. Home Occupation Application

    A Home Occupation Application is required for anyone who wishes to establish a business from their home.

  5. Land Use Permits

    A Land Use Permit is required for new, or additions to, commercial or residential structures.

  6. Livestock Permit

    A Livestock Permit provides the Town with information about the number of animals intending to be grazed on a property.

  7. Minor Permits

    The Pikes Peak Regional Building Department (PPRBD) can now process land use permits for the Town of Monument for certain improvements, including roofs, water heater replacement, furnace replacement, and miscellaneous electrical and plumbing work.

  8. Pre-Application & Submittal Meetings

    Prior to submitting a new development application, a pre-application meeting is encouraged.

  9. Pre-Construction Meetings

    After development approvals have been made and prior to breaking ground on a new project, a pre-construction meeting with the Town's Engineering Assistant is required.

  10. Sign Permits

    A sign permit is required for permanent commercial and residential signage, as well as temporary signage, such as a real estate sign.

  11. Temporary Use Permit

    Find out the various uses for a Temporary Use Permit.