Plot Decorations

Accepted Items

Artificial or fresh flowers may be placed in a metal vase within six inches of a marker or as a part of the marker. These items may be removed by the Town employees when they are considered unsightly. Trees, shrubs, vines or flowers will not be planted in or on any plot.

Sprays, wreaths or potted plants will be allowed, but must be removed within two weeks or when they become unsightly.

Unaccepted Items

The Cemetery Department does not allow the following in or around plots:
  • Boulders
  • Curbing
  • Glass or other breakable receptacles
  • Metal designs
  • Ornaments
  • Planted trees, shrubs, vines or flowers
  • Stones
This items will be removed if placed in the cemetery.


The Town will not be held liable for stolen, broken, or damaged vases or other materials used in the plots.