Areas of Enforcement

  1. Animals & Pets

    Pet owners should be aware of codes pertaining to their animals.

  2. Garbage & Junk

    Any accumulation of garbage, refuse, or junk on any premises, improved or unimproved, is prohibited by Town Code.

  3. Housing & Building Maintenance

    Find out what sanitary conditions and maintenance requirements exist for Monument residents.

  4. Landscaping & Construction

    A permit from the Town of Monument Development Services is required prior to any landscaping.

  5. Permits & Licenses

    Find out when a permit or license is required.

  6. Signs

    Learn about signage use and restrictions.

  7. Streets & Sidewalks

    Find code enforcement requirements for snow removal, basketball hoops and landscaping pertaining to streets and sidewalks.

  8. Vehicles

    Discover requirements for Recreational Vehicles (RVs), trailers and storage.

  9. Weeds

    Weeds must be maintained less than nine inches in height.