Streets & Sidewalks

Landscaping Materials

Landscaping materials (rock, dirt, mulch, sand, gravel, sod, etc.) cannot be placed in streets or upon sidewalks for any period of time or for any reason.
Landscaping materials dumped in street

Snow Removal

Property owners and tenants must keep sidewalks, gutters, curbs, curb walks, culverts and other drainage structures in front of and adjacent to their property free and clean of snow, ice, mud, dirt, debris, rubbish, and filth.

Basketball Hoops

Portable basketball hoops located within a public right-of-way shall comply with the following standards:
  • Abutting a public roadway designated in the Town of Monument Development Code as a local residential street
  • At least five feet from manholes, catch basins, traffic signs, fire hydrants, and above ground electrical transformers, boxes, and cable boxes
  • The hoop shall have an unobstructed view of at least fifty feet
  • Not adjacent to roadways with striped, on-street bikeways, but may be placed adjacent to shared roadways
  • Not attached to any light pole, street sign or traffic control device, fence or street tree
  • Not placed on a sidewalk, pedestrian or bike path or public roadway, but abutting the owner’s property
  • Permanently installed basketball hoops are prohibited in all right-of-way
  • The pole for the hoop must be a minimum of three feet from the street trees, light pole and mailboxes
  • Portable basketball hoops are prohibited on the rights-of-way of snow routes between October 1 and May 1
Please see Monument Municipal Code Sections 12.04.034 and 12.04.035 for further details regarding owner responsibility and the Town’s immunity from liability.