Code Enforcement 


Most signage within the Town requires a permit and prior approval through the Planning Department. Applications for sign permits can be obtained on the Sign Permits page or at Town Hall.
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Signage Violations

Some of the common questions, concerns and violations are:
  • Banners are restricted by size.
  • Only one sandwich sign and/or banner may be displayed at any one time.
  • Portable signs are prohibited in the Town. This includes garage sale signs, sale signs, directional signs, advertising signs, etc.
  • Sandwich signs and banners must be located on the same property as the business or event.
  • Sandwich signs and banners require a permit from the Town and prior approval through Development Services.
  • Sandwich signs cannot be placed in the right-of-way or upon any sidewalk.
  • Signs cannot be attached to public property, utility structures, road signs, stop signs, directional signs, barricades, reflector poles, trees, or fences.
  • Some exceptions apply to the sign code.
Please see the Monument Municipal Code and/or call 719-884-8036 if you have questions.