Enforcement Process

Before Code Enforcement

The Town of Monument encourages neighbors to work together to create safe, attractive neighborhoods. Communicate with your neighbors and mediate minor problems "neighbor to neighbor" if possible. Utilize resources provided by your HOA because Code Enforcement cannot enforce HOA covenants.

Verbal Warning

Upon verification that a violation of Town Code exists, verbal warnings will be given when possible. A written Notice of Violation may be posted to the property or mailed to the owner of record indicated by the El Paso County Tax Assessor.


Failure to comply with a Notice of Violation may result in abatement of the violation at the owner's expense and/or the issuance of a Summons and Complaint to Monument Municipal Court. Costs associated with abatements, repeat offender fees, and fines that are not paid can result in the filing of a lien against the property. Emergency abatement can take place for violations that threaten the health, safety and welfare of Monument's citizens.

Voluntary compliance is Code Enforcement's goal. A "common violations" pamphlet is available to familiarize residents and visitors with just a few of our Town Codes. More detailed information is available by visiting Monument Municipal Code Online or by contacting Code Enforcement.


Remember to check the El Paso County Tax Assessor's website to determine if you are within Town limits. Some Monument addresses are not within Town limits and would fall under El Paso County Code Enforcement's jurisdiction.

Animal Complaints

The Town of Monument does not enforce animal complaints. Please contact the Pikes Peak Humane Society for animal complaints within the Town of Monument and El Paso County.