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Town of Monument Water Service Area_4-9-18


WATER OPERATIONS DIVISION accounts for the activities related to water well development and extraction, water treatment, water transportation systems and for the repair and maintenance of such facilities. Drinking water services include raw water development and treatment, treated storage, water distribution and water sales. This division is responsible for daily operations, maintenance, long-term asset management, infrastructure upgrades and expansions and all associated activities such as system planning, engineering and administration.


The Water Department staff is made up of State of Colorado Certified Water
Operators. As Certified Operators, continuous training is required to help ensure quality, and most importantly safety of our drinking water. 


The Water Departments responsibilities include:

  • Maintain constant vigilance and contact with the State of Colorado Water Quality Control Division to ensure compliance with all current Colorado Primary Drinking Water Regulations.
  • Management of water treatment chemicals and constant monitoring and testing for water quality.
  • Operating and maintaining the town's 9 water wells and treatment facilities.
  • Operating and maintaining the town's water distribution system.
  • Planning, engineering and administration of all infrastructure, operations, future raw water development and long term asset management.
  • The system is comprised of underground piping, fire hydrants, booster pumps, storage tank and distribution system water quality.

Water Department Reports and Hydrant Flushing Schedules

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